Dr. Judith M. Newman



What About Reading?

Validity and Action Research:
An Online Conversation

Action Research: A Brief Overview
[ Investigatión - Acción: Una Breve Visión ] PDF

Action Research: Exploring the Tensions of Teaching

Tensions of Teaching
(My Reflections on the Book as its Author)

Learning to Teach by Uncovering Our Assumptions

On Becoming a Better Teacher

Following the Yellow Brick Road

Keeping the Dory Afloat

Action Research Notebook

Building a Supportive Classroom

Mirror, Mirror... (English Quarterly Editorial, 1992)

Manitoba School Improvement Program 
Student Voice Project Report

We Can't Get There From Here: Critical Issues in School Reform

Sharing Journals: 
Conversational Mirrors for Seeing Ourselves
as Learners, Writers, and Teachers

Restructuring Teacher Education Or We're in one Hell of a Muddle


From Pedagogy to Politics: Reinventing Whole Language

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