Dr. Judith M. Newman

  "This book represents a courageous move into a territory which those of us interested in teaching and how teaching happens have not dealt with very much or very well. Newman shows us what it means to be a theory-driven teacher. The book dramatizes that the good teacher is an improvisor: that overall goals are stated (if at all) only in the most general terms--in terms of growth and awareness and reflection, of commitment and engagement. She invites us into the mess, the contingencies, the rich chaos of a comples teaching and learning situation. She includes much of the texture of any teaching situation, the second thoughts, the missed opportunities, the irrelevant considerations which somehow have relevance, the difficult holding back while learning happens (or doesn't), the planning of the unplannable, the risk taking. As she reflects on her own teaching practice, her readers are invited to reflect, too."

Russell A. Hunt
Saint Thomas University