Dr. Judith M. Newman

Participatory Workshops

A Facilitators' Guide to Participatory Workshops with NGOs/CBOs Responding to HIV/AIDS

Published by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Contents of the Guide

    Introduction to the Guide

  1. Understanding participatory approaches to learning
    1. What are participatory approaches to learning?
    2. Why are participatory approaches used?
  2. Facilitating a participatory workshop
    1. Facilitator techniques
    2. What makes a good workshop facilitator?
    3. What key skills do workshop facilitators need?
      1. Encouraging sharing and learning
      2. Communicating well
      3. Keeping the work practical and relevant
      4. Responding to group dynamics
  3. Preparing and facilitating participatory workshops
    1. Identifying the participants
    2. Selecting a facilitation team
    3. Working with the facilitation team
    4. Planning the content of a workshop
    5. Preparing for individual sessions
    6. Making up a workshop schedule
    7. Dealing with logistics
    8. Closing a workshop

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Our thanks to all those who contributed to this publication. In particular to staff from Alliance linking organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America for their review and comment.

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