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Creating Technology-Supported Classrooms

The Participants

Back: Diane Brennick, Mary Ann Fowler, John Boutilier, Peter Casagrande, unidentified
Lorenzo Dellorusso, Susan Sullivan, Barbara MacLean, Shaun Syms

Middle: Nicole Delaney, Barbara MacNutt, Tanya Comeau, unidentified
Paula Brushett, Muriel Hill-Latimer, Stephanie Gillis

Front: Shaun Peter McNamara, Leo Mackey, Judith Newman, Lauren Furdas

John Boutilier lives in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. He has completed several assignments in elementary schools in the Glace Bay area. He has recently been teaching at Bridgeport Elementary at the Primary level and is moving to a Grade 4 classroom in September 1999. John has obtained a BACS from UCCB, a BEd from St. Francis Xavier University, and is currently completing his Masters in Education through Mount Saint Vincent University.

Diane Brennick from Bras d'Or teaches French and English at Riverview High School. In August she will be taking her final course to complete her Masters of Education in Literacy. She enjoys travelling and reading when she can find time in her busy schedule. She is the mother of three children two of whom are teenagers who have her "living on the edge. "

Paula Brushett has been a music teacher for thirteen years. She will be teaching grade four and music this September at St. Columba School in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. She has been married for ten years and lives in Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland. She is an avid walker and cat lover. She graduated from Memorial University in 1986 and from Mount St. Vincent in 1989.

Peter Casagrande enjoys fishing and carpentry. His teaching experience includes four years in the North West Territories and for the past four years, he has taught design and technology at Sherwood Park. He is the father of a three year old girl. This is his last course of study in the Master's program and I am attaching his picture with permission.

Tanya Comeau is from the French Shore in Southwestern Nova Scotia. She is a teaching Vice-Principal of a grade primary French Immersion class at École d'Immersion de la Baie Sainte-Marie. She plans to continue her studies at the graduate level in order to receive a Master in Education in Literacy. During her spare time, Tanya enjoys water sports, walking, playihng golf and skiing.

Nicole Delaney from Inverness, N.S. is a recent Education graduate of Mount St. Vincent University. Nicole is a High School Chemistry/Math teacher. She is a high energy person who enjoys all sports and reading. Nicole is presently living in the Caribean and taking a Master of Education Degree in Literacy. She is busy planning her wedding for Summer 2000. Watch out Nicole has a double, Natasha, also a Chemistry/Math teacher!

Lorenzo Dellorusso was born in Montreal where he lived for the first five years of his life. He learned French there, his first language. His parents are both Italian immigrants into Canada. From them, he learned Italian (his second language). At the age of five, Lorenzo's family moved to Cape Breton where he was forced to learn English to survive. He has been a grade 9 French teacher at Sherwood Park Education Centre for the past three years. His parents own a pizza shop where he has helped out over the years. He received his B.A. & B.B.A. from U.C.C.B. and a B.Ed. (sec) from U.P.E.I.

Mary Ann Fowler is currently a resource teacher in a K-6 school in Winnipeg. A native Calgarian, she has also lived in Halifax, Moosejaw, San Antonio, and currrently Winnipeg. Mary Ann will finish her M.Ed. degree with MSVU next year.

Lauren Furdas is a resource teacher at Eskasoni First Nation School. She received her B.A. from St.Francis Xavier, B.Ed. from Dalhousie and a reading specialist certificate from the Departmant of Education. With 25 years invested in the teaching profession, Lauren is not at all interested in retirement -- she enjoys her work too much. Although leading a busy life, Lauren finds time to walk every day.

Stephanie Gillis graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 1998. She is a senior years math/science teacher in central Manitoba. She is working on her masters degree and plans to complete it once she finds a permanent teaching position somewhere east of where she is presently teaching.

Muriel Hill-Latimer has been teaching at Riverview High in Coxheath. As an Integrated Resource teacher, Muriel also teaches a group of students with learning disabilities. Muriel is living in the country while she is taking this course for her MEd. She is the mother of 3 children ranging in ages from 3 to 10 years.

Leo Mackey is from Carbonear, Newfoundland. He has been teaching senior high English at Fogo Island Central Academy in Newfoundland for the pastfour years. He graduated from Memorial University with a B.A. and B.Ed. He is single and enjoys playing basketball, golf, and volleyball. This is not his first time in Cape Breton. Currently, he is enrolled a M. ED.(Literacy) and has come to Cape Breton to take a course for his degree.

Barb MacLean is a grade 10 and 12 English / Latin teacher at Riverview High School in Sydney River. She has three children and recently celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary. Babara's interests include working with stained glass. One of her wonderful ideas is to find more time time to do the things she likes to do. Barb currently lives in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.

Barbara MacNutt hales from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and teaches low level literacy adults at Holland College. In addition to her teaching position, Barbara is the manager of Literacy Initiatives Secretariat with the Prince Edward Island Department of Education. After graduating from Dalhousie University, Barbara's teaching career began at the junior high level. Barabara took some time off from her career to raise her two daughters and has been teaching adults since her return to the profession. In September, 1998, Barbara began the master's program and her anticipated date of completion is May, 2000.

Shaun McNamara is a substitute elementary teacher hailing from North Sydney. He also works for Marine Atlantic on the MV Caribou from June through September. Shaun enjoys all kinds of sports and is an avid volunteer for both his church and the broader community of North Sydney. Shaun was born and raised in North Sydney. He spent a year at the IWK where the good doctors gave him a second chance at life. Shaun has attended UCCB, STFX (BA'94), UMFK(B.Ed.'95) and looks forward to graduating from MSVU with his M. Ed. in the year 2000.

Judith Newman is "retired." She teaches distance teacher education courses for Mount Saint Vincent University. A beginner paragliding pilot, she hopes soon to have qualified as a novice. She's a photographer, a builder and flyer of kites, a lover of chocolate and Chinese food. She's author of several books and articles on literacy, learning and teaching, and technology.

Susan Sullivan is a Senior High French teacher from Grand Falls , Newfoundland. She has been teaching for twenty three years, primarily in the French core and immersion areas. Susan attended Memorial University NFLD, and Universite Laval , in Quebec. Her interests include travel and cross-stitch. She is beginning her Masters in Education through Mount Saint Vincent University.

Shaun Syms, born in Cape Breton, presently lives in the Tanglewood subdivision of Sydney. He is not only a math teacher at Sherwood Park Junior High in Sydney, but he is also an invaluable computer expert, always willing to help his fellow teachers. Shaun is well known at the Lingan Golf and Country CLub. In addition, he enjoys playing the guitar. Shaun will complete his masters program at the end of this course.

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