Judith Newman's
Knitting and Sewing Tips

Over the years I've come across some very useful knitting and sewing ideas worth sharing.
Here they are:

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For Knitters:

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For Sewers:

  • Elastic Inserts
    Waist of pants too small?
    Here's how to give increased girth and flexibility at the same time to the waist of pants (or to a fitted skirt)

  • Flat Fly Front (Sandra Betzina)
    A very simple way of putting in a fly front on pants.

  • Wide Brim Summer Sun Hat
    I came across a set of instructions for drafting a pattern for a wide-brim sun hat. I gave them a try. The hat turned out surprisingly well. So I've provided the original instructions along with the modifications I made.

  • Baby Quilt - Embroidered Squares
    This is an easy yet effective baby quilt to quickly sew up - made from 61/2" squares which are joined using narrow strips and then embroidered

Recent Knitting and Sewing Projects