Business Letters

Avoid Overused Phrases

Many business letters contain hackneyed phrases that detract from a clear, natural style. You need to look for them in your writing and use fresh, clear expression instead. Look at this list and see if you recognize any from your letters:

according to our records
on receipt of
after careful consideration
please do not hesitate to
any further action
please find enclosed
as you are aware
please forward
at your earliest convenience
trust this is satisfactory

detailed information
under separate cover
enclosed for your information
upon receipt of
for your convenience
urgent attention
further to
we acknowledge receipt
in receipt of
we regret to advise

Look at these examples from typical business letters and you’ll see how removing the business clichés changes the tone of the sentence. The originals have a formal and impersonal tone; the redrafts sound more personal and genuine.

We trust this is satisfactory, but should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
We hope you are happy with this arrangement but if you have any questions, please contact us.

Further to your recent communication. Please find enclosed the requested quotation…
Thank you for contacting us. I enclose the quotation you asked for…

Hackneyed business phrases ruin a clear natural style; so avoid using them and choose your own words instead.